Health Care

Health Care

The healthcare and medical field is one of the few industries where communication is not only vital but, at times, a matter of life and death. We provide solutions that deliver features that facilitates quality services, quick accessibility hence empowering doctors, nurses, administrators, patients and the patients families.

Our voice over IP telephone(VOIP) solution will help improve productivity by increasing information management speed. It enhances communication clarity, both internally and externally and also Reduce patient safety risks with reliable and efficient tools. Our networking solutions allow you to efficiently manage client information and avoid jeopardizing your compliance.

Our VoIP phone system will save time in communications among your staff members. Simple-to-configure call routing and self-routing auto attendant features are easy for staff to navigate. It will improve staff availability to callers who need them, and decreases time spent on routing calls. And, if your goal is to reduce the time physicians and medical staff spend on voicemails, VoIP systems offer voicemail transcribing features that will automatically transcribe messages and deliver them to your email inbox.

In the age of Telemedicine, quick evaluation and diagnosis of common issues such as colds, rashes, or ear infections could be achieved by uploading patient photos, utilizing IM and video conversations.

Our VoIP system will enable you to give quality care to your patients by providing features such as:

  • Prioritized calling for medical emergencies
  • Call forwarding
  • Click-to-call
  • Routing calls based on caller ID
  • Routing calls with option sets for billing, scheduling, care, etc.
  • Custom messages based on day and time
  • Custom hold music or announcements
  • Integration with patient account information systems