Banking & Insurance

Banking & Insurance

Banks and all financial institutions need a high level of security to protect their offices, their clients and their clients assets. Network options and solutions will create a customized security system to fit your need.

Our access control system tracks and manages access to the building while also providing a dedicated audio or video intercom. Our Ip surveillance door system solution offers a 180 degree video viewing angle for wall to wall coverage built-in RFID chip reader for secure keyless entry, a built-in microphone and speaker to support intercom functionality and offers alarm-in and alarm-out support for integration with existing security devices.To achieve the optimal protection with video surveillance, numerous areas must be closely monitored. These areas include everything from exits and entrances to exterior ATMS and teller windows.

Our ip surveillance include the latest Hd video surveillance systems that allow detailed facial recognition hence help check frauds at the bank. Our digital video recorders will allow you to record transaction data along with the video.You can use this information to indetify criminals and to protect clients accounts.

Our solutions include:

  • Employee attendance monitoring system
  • Restricted area control system
  • Intrusion detection systems