Modernize your ICT infrastructure to transform the learning experience of students

Network options and solutions is offering an opportunity to schools to deliver a more enriching classroom experience and provide their students the foundation to achieve their goals. We help educational institutions create learning opportunities for students all over the world through video conferencing.

Our video conferencing solution will enable you to study anytime, anywhere and from any device. Our solutions integrate smoothly into everyday classrooms using desktops, tablets, mobile devices, and Internet connection. When having a video conferencing section between students and teachers or when doing research online, Speed need to be super quick and above all reliable this is where our wifi solutions come in hand.

Wireless networks in schools, colleges and universities are transforming the education sector. School WiFi offers both students and teachers innovative methods of communicating and learning, from interactive whiteboards, access to online videos, and making use of handheld or portable devices to encourage collaborative learning. Whether you’re a school or a sprawling university campus, we have a WiFi solution that fits your educational needs.

Our custom-built school and university WiFi solutions consider everything from your premises size, campus layout, construction and type of devices connecting to the network. Our engineering team will design and install a school WiFi network that guarantees coverage to a pre-defined signal level.

Our video conferencing system:

  • supports different student learning styles.
  • and WiFi solution can help Connect parents, teachers, and staff.
  • enables recording of lessons for future use and references by students.
  • gives the experience of virtual field trips, out-of-state seminars and more.
  • and WiFi solution can help Provide remote students with online education.
  • enables collaboration with fellow school systems for unique learning opportunities.