Grandstream solution in a school

Grandstream Unified Communication Solution Successfully deployed to an International School

Semper Altius, an international network of more than 100 schools in 18 countries throughout Latin America, North America, Europe and Asia, implemented Grandstream unified communication and networking products to build a powerful, centralized and scalable solution.

Today, the UCM series provides a powerful network anchor that can support many service options and offer integrated voice, video, data and mobility support ñ all without licensing fees. Building a network of UCM devices gives them scalability for future expansion, redundancy through numerous in-network backup options and the ability to make easy extension calls between the schools. Combining the UCM series with Grandstream IP phones allowed for quick and easy installation while allowing access to an optimized feature set on easy-to-use yet powerful IP phones.

Read the success story below.

Semper Altius Case Study (PDF download – 637kb)

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