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Adjustable transmission power from 0 to 23dBm/200mw

Manufacturer: TP-Link
Model: CPE510
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5GHz 300Mbps 13dBi Outdoor CPE


Quick features of this product

  • Features of this Product
  • Built-in 13dBi 2x2 dual-polarized directional MIMO antenna
  • Adjustable transmission power from 0 to 23dBm/200mw
  • System-level optimization for more than 15km long range wireless transmission
  • TP-LINK Pharos MAXtream TDMA(Time-Division-Multiple-Access) technology improves product performance in throughput, capacity and latency, ideal for PTMP applications
  • Centralized Management System – Pharos Control
  • AP / Client / Bridge / Repeater / AP Router / AP Client Router (WISP) operation modes
  • Outdoor stabilized enclosure with IPX5 waterproof certification
  • Dual Ethernet ports and grounding terminal integrated
  • 6KV Lightning Protection, 15KV ESD Protection
  • Passive PoE Adapter supports up to 60 meters (200 feet) power over Ethernet deployment and allows for device reset remotely
  • Provides WEP, WPA/WPA2, WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK data security
  • Selectable bandwidth of 5/10/20/40MHz
  • Provides Throughput Monitor, Spectrum Analyzer, Speed Test and Ping tools
  • Easy antenna alignment with wireless signal quality indicators via Web interface


Hardware Features
Processor    Qualcomm Atheros Enterprise 560MHz CPU, MIPS 74Kc
Memory    64MB DDR2 RAM, 8MB Flash
Interface    1 10/100Mbps Shielded Ethernet Port (LAN0,Passive PoE in)
            1 10/100Mbps Shielded Ethernet Port (LAN1, Passive PoE Passthrough)
            1 Grounding Terminal
            1 Reset Button
Power Supply    Passive Power over Ethernet via LAN0 (+4,5pins; -7,8pins)
                Voltage range: 16-27VDC
Antenna Type    Built-in 13dBi 2x2 Dual-polarized Directional Antenna
Beam Width: 45° (H-Plane) / 30° (E-Plane)
Note: For more details, please refer to datasheet

Dimensions(W x D x H)    110*57*33.5mm
Input Current    0.8A Max @ 100VAC
Input Voltage    100VA~240VAC @ 50Hz~60Hz
Output    24VDC, 1.0A Max
+4, 5pins; -7, 8pins. (Support up to 60m Power over Ethernet)
Efficiency    >80%
Output Voltage    24VDC(+4,5pins; -7,8pins)
Input    100-240VAC, 50/60Hz

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